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Cyclo Hexanone

Cyclo Hexanone
Clients can avail from us superlative quality Cyclohexanone. The chemical formula is C6H10 0. Following are the specifications of this compound :

  • The most important use of Cyclohexanone is as a chemicals intermediate in production of adipic acid and in the manufacturer of Nylon-6
  • It is used as a solvent and thinners for lacquers, especially those containing nitrocellulose or vinylchloride polymer and copolymer resins including polyvinyl chloride and methacrylate ester polymers
  • It is an excellent solvent for DDT and organic phosphorus insecticides and pesticides
  • It is used as a sludge solvent in oil for piston type aircraft lubrication

  • Soldin Tanker loads (Approx 10 / 16 MTs) or M.S.Drums of capacity of 190 KGS. NETT (To be supplied by user)

  • Chemical & Physical Properties
    • Liquid with acetone like odour
  • Health Hazard (toxicity)
    • Irritant to skin, eyes & throat. Mild Narcotic and a defatting agent
  • Protective Devices
    • PVC /Rubber Gloves, PVC / Rubber Gumboots, PVC Suit, Organic canisters, safety goggles
  • Emergency Action
    • If possible move the vehicle to open ground. Stop the engine.
    • Mark roads and warn o t h e r road users and keep public away from dangerous area
  • Spillage
    • Shut off the leakage if safe to do so if possible, collect the spills in sealable containers
    • Avoid smoking or open flame nearby
    • Prevent the flow in the nearby drains and contain the liquid in a bunded area
  • Fire Hazards and Fire Fighting
    • Dangerous when exposed to heat or flame
    • It can react with oxidising metals. In case of fire keep the containers cool by sprayin water. Use suitable fire extinguisher such as Foam, Dry Chemical Powder and Co2.
  • First Aid Inhalation
    • Remove victim to fresh air. Give artificial respiration if not breathing.
    • Eye Contact : Wash with plenty of water
    • Skin Contact : Remove clothing. Wash the effected Portion with plenty of water.
    • In all Cases Get Medical Help Immediately

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Purity 99.7 % (by weight) mini
Cyclohexanol 0.1 % (by weight)) maxi
Low boiling products 0.1 % (by weight) maxi (like alcohol, aldehydes, etc)
Water 0.1% (by weight) maxi
Other Organics 0.15 % (by weight) maxi

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